Recording Service

ABRSM Performance Grade Exam Recording Service Singapore

Professional ABRSM performance grade piano / violin / other instruments recording studio service in Singapore.

Urgent submission?

We always try our best to fit your submission date.

However, please booking with us in advance in order to avoid the last minute rush.


Sample Recordings

(Abrsm / School Admission Auditions / Other Music events)

ABRSM Performance Exam - Piano by Mr En Zhi

 Piano Audition by Ms Abby

 ABRSM Performance grade Exam - Piano by Ms Hui En

 ABRSM Performance grade Exam - Piano by Yvonne and Joanne

 ABRSM Performance grade Exam - Piano by Xinying


Favourite Piano Pieces (Non Exam) - Lexing



We use different microphones for different instruments and candidates.



Software system:

Cubase / Nuendo / Protools /Logic etc. 

Package included :

Recording + Mixing your music .

Camera and stand will provided.

( If you need handphone stand can let us know).

After video and audio mixing, we will pass you the final ABRSM exam format video for submission. 

Session time suggestion:

We use 'ABRSM exam remote accessed performance' for example.

Grade 1-5 (take 1-2 hrs session)

Grade 6-8 (take 3-4 hrs session)

Diploma and above (take 4 hrs session or multi sessions)

Booking your session:

Send below info to whatsapp +65 86084238

Name of student + which instrument + exam/ competition name + preferred date and time 

We will reply to you asap .

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